This is a Windows port of the old DOS game called Blockade written by game-developer veteran Don Laabs. Check out his biography. I played that game thousands of times back in the 80s. The gameplay is simple : don't crash before everyone else crashes. It's like the light-cycle game in the movie Tron. What truly makes the game fun is the AI of the computer opponents.

I had forgotten about this game for many years until it suddenly crept back into my mind....and then of course I wanted to play it again. Alas, Moore's Law had struck and my machines were now incapable of playing the game slower than light speed. Even utilities like MoSlo did not help because I only run WinNT and Linux. So I set out to begin another porting endeavor. I wasn't going to attempt to disassemble this one, though, because I assumed that the AI logic would take a lot of time to interpret. So I decided that I'd try and contact the author. First, however, I had to find out who that was. I did not have a copy of the DOS game anymore so off I went to Google. One simple search later and I've found the game. One more search lands me on the author's home page. I wrote him an email explaining my intentions and I asked him for the source code to the original DOS game. A few hours later I checked my email and discovered he had granted my request. Here's another great guy in the gaming industry. A couple of late night coding sessions resulted in Winblockade. The gameplay should be exactly the same as the original. I made a few small changes:

  • Demo mode on the main screen
  • Up to 8 players instead of 6
  • All of your score statistics are saved and you can see them in report-format.
  • Adjustable playing field from 25x25 to as large as your screen will handle. (For example, a screen resolution of 1024x768 yields a playing field of 64x48)
  • WAV sound effects for moving and crashing.
  • The number of points to win the game is user-definable.
  • Ability to pause the game.
  • Game should always run at the same speeds regardless of how fast computers get.

The original concept, gameplay, AI, etc is all Copyright Don Laabs. If you wish to thank anyone for how much fun this game is, thank him.

Click here to download Winblockade.

Click here to download the original DOS Blockade.

Click here to download the Winblockade source code.