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Here's the complete source code to Ultima 3 for the Gameboy Color.
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Sorry about the multi-part - the website hosting provider doesn't like large archive files. Included in the RAR is the version of GBDK (v2.1.5) that I used to compile the source. I did this because I think the older versions of GBDK are getting difficult to locate. Please note that in order for the compilation to work, you need to unrar to a root directory (e.g. C:\, D:\, E:\, etc) When the extraction is complete, you should have a subdirectory off of your root called C:\SDK or D:\SDK, etc. In order to compile the game, go to the \SDK\GBZ80-GB\2-1-5\EXAMPLES\U3 directory and type "make". Enjoy!


version 0.995 released
I was going over some sections of the code and I found a bug that would make it impossible to finish the second game under certain circumstances. To save yourself a lot of frustration later, I suggest you download this updated binary.


version 0.994 released
Thanks to Keithley Crooks for pointing out the following bugs:

  • Game would freeze if the only weapon you had was "HANDS" and you tried to scroll through your weapons.

    Thanks to "Aleksi" for finding the following bugs:
  • The game hangs if you tried to walk into a force field (and didn't have the force mark yet)
  • When leaving a dungeon the "wind north/south/east/west" still reads "HEAD north/south etc
  • Weird characters in some dungeon text "G* T* and G" (*'s were some graphic character)

    All of these problems are now fixed and the updated GB image is available for download from any of the usual download links.


    version 0.993 released
    Thanks again to Stephen Knox for pointing out that the exotic allowances were messed up. All characters should be able to ready and wear exotics. Also, there was a bug that was allowing more than 2550 HP in the Ultima 3 portion of the game. These problems are all now fixed and you can download the updated file.


    version 0.992 released
    The first bug was found! Apparently, any character could equip any weapon while in battle. This should clearly not be allowed to happen. Thanks to Stephen Knox for finding this bug. Click on any of the download links to get the latest update.


    It's only 2 days into March and my bandwidth usage is already at 10% for the month. The hits on average keep going up each hour, too....I fear my bandwidth will be used up before the end of the month. The link to the actual ZIP file will always be valid however - so perhaps you should keep it written down somewhere for any updates that may happen. I'll continue to keep Retrogames informed of any updates so if my site runs over its limit you'll always be able to keep abreast of updates and be able to download the updates. I've also moved the history to its own page.


    version 0.991 released

  • Added "Test Game Music" option to main menu (per request)
  • Added easter egg (per request)

    Check out my new Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to common questions. If you send me questions via email, be sure to return to this page every so often because I may have posted the answers. Also, it appears emuhq.com has updated the wording on their website. Thanks much for clearing things up.

    Wow! The page has been up less than 12 hours and already over 1000 people have downloaded the game. Thanks to all who have written me so far - I'm going to try and reply to all of you but you'll need to be patient because I'm very busy with my real job at the moment. (Keep em coming though!)


    Initial release : v0.990
    It's probably v1.0, but I should leave some version numbers open for bugfixes

    What is it?

    This is a port of Ultima 3 to the Gameboy Color. I programmed it entirely in C using GBDK. In addition to the original game, there is a brand new game that takes place immediately after you defeat Exodus. The new game (which is pretty much just as extensive as the original) includes:

  • New map of Sosaria
  • 6 new towns
  • 5 new castles
  • 4 new dungeons
  • New abilities
  • New "O"ther actions
  • 16 new songs
  • Dozens of new puzzles
  • An entirely new adventure!

    What does it look like?

    Here are some screenshots.

    Where can I get it?

    Click on the Gameboy above or click here

    What should I read before I play the game?

  • Press the A button to bring up the menu and to make selections
  • Press the B button to pass or to cancel out of menus
  • Press the D-Pad to move around
  • Instructions for the original ultima 3 game can be found here

    The one thing that seems to cause confusion is the menu. When you press the "A" button, you will be presented with a menu of options (Attack, Board, etc...). If you press the D-Pad left or right, you will get the 2nd set of options (Transact, Unlock, etc.)

    Where is an emulator I can use to play this?

    Most emulators will run the game fine. The one I've been using for testing (due to the fact that it's free and works quite well) is Rusty Wagner's (now un-named) emulator. You can download it here.

    Credit Where Credit is Due

    Naturally, I must give credit to the creator, Richard Garriott. Also, let me just say that all trademarks/logos/whatever are property of their respective owners. Blah, blah, legalese. In addition to the Ultima 3 material, there are several songs that I converted from other C64 games. (One of which is Legacy of the Ancients - another personal favorite)

    I hope lots of people will get a kick out of playing Ultima 3 on their GBC's.

    Please send me some email and let me know what you think!