Frequently Asked Questions

This is rather outdated and is really only a list of FAQs related to the Ultima 3 for Gameboy project. I made this page because when I first released Ultima 3 for the Gameboy I was being overwhelmed with emails asking many of the same questions. The flow of email regarding that project has slowed to a trickle, so this page is somewhat pointless - but I'll leave it here for historical purposes.

Do you plan on porting other Ultimas to the Gameboy Color?

Short answer - probably not.

I could probably re-use a lot of the code that I have to port Ultima 1 and 2 to the GBC, but there are still many significant issues that would need to be addressed in order to create a faithful port. Granted it would be significantly less work than if I were starting from scratch, but it's still a sizeable amount of work. I've thought about the idea, of course, and it's still in the back of my who knows? Perhaps if the mood hits me just right again like with Ultima 3.

Ports of Ultima 4 and 5 are even less likely. Apart from the fact that it would be considerably more work than 1 and 2, there is one issue that I do not feel has an adequate solution for the GB : freeform text entry. In Ultima 4 and 5 you engaged in actual dialogue with the NPCs and had to ask them the right questions to get the desired information. This was accomplished on other console systems by selecting the things you want to ask from a menu - but I really don't like that idea. I felt that half the fun of Ultima 4 and 5 were the conversations and I feel that a menu system ruins that portion of the game. There are ways to enter text on the GB, but none of them are quick enough....I wouldn't want to take the time to try and key in questions without a keyboard and I suspect the vast majority of people out there wouldn't want to either. If it wasn't for this point, I might have ported Ultima 5 instead of 3.

Thanks very much for the people who have offerred to help me port the others, but at the moment my interest level in it is not high.

Do you plan on porting/making any other Gameboy games?

People are probably running C64 emulators on the Nintendo DSs now anyway - so there's not much point.

Why didn't you further pursue publication possibilities?

Origin/EA said that the game would not interest the key market area (8-13 year old boys). Therefore, they were not interested in the project. When I asked if they would allow me use of the license if I was backed by another publisher (or just anyone willing to front the money) they said that I would have to order a minimum of 250,000 carts. (Or somewhere in that neighborhood...I forget exactly how many now, but it's definitely not something I would want to fund myself.) I never really looked that hard for a publisher because I just assumed the possibility was unlikely...I didn't make the game with the intention of publishing it anyway.

Will you make a GBS of the music in the game?

Every tune you hear in the game is converted from a SID. The SIDs for the Ultima 3 music can be found here. The other tunes in the new game were taken from SIDs of Ultima 4, Ultima 5, Legacy of the Ancients, Defender of the Crown, Demon's World, DragonWorld, and Faery Tale. The SIDs for those games are also available on the net (quite possibly on the same site as the Ultima 3 SIDs.) I don't have exact URLs for them anymore, though - you'll have to look for yourself if you're truly interested.

I don't have any plans of making a GBS file, but I've added a "Test Game Music" option to the main screen. Now you can listen to any of the tunes whenever you like.

Can you make me a cartridge version of the game?

Sorry, no.

I cannot accept money/trades for this in any way unless it is officially licensed by the appropriate people. If you want this on a real cartridge, then I'm afraid you're going to have to flash it to a cart yourself. Anyhow, I'm not sure where you can buy flashcarts anymore since Bung stopped making them and most places have run out of stock - but search the web and I'm sure you'll come up with something. Needless to say, I'm not going to sell any of my flashcarts either. Sorry!

Do you have just an Ultima 3 without the enhancements you made?

It's the same thing. You will see none of the "enhancements" until you actually finish Ultima 3....then you start your new quest with all the added features. One of my goals was to make the GBC port as close to the original as possible - therefore there are no extra features in the Ultima 3 game itself.

Can you make it compatible with Gameboy Classic or Gameboy Pocket?

It would run a bit slower and some GBC-specific features would have to be removed....and it would look fugly. :P I didn't know people actually used the old GB's for games anymore!

What happens when you win the second game?

You are presented with instructions on how to find the easter egg. If you are the first person who can prove that they finished the second game, then email me and I will post your name on the site here. (I won't post your name if you wish - I would just like to know when someone has finished the game. )