This is my homepage.
There are many others like it but this one is mine.

My name is Sven Carlberg and I created this website to provide information on my personal projects that I thought other people might enjoy. Nothing flashy - who's got time to update homepages??

The old website I had has mysteriously disappeared into the dark recesses of the Internet. That's ok, though, because it was a good time to bring it up to date with some other projects.

Here is a summary of the projects on this site:

WinblockadeA Windows port of an old DOS game called Blockade.
Ultima 3 GBCA port of Ultima 3 I did for the Gameboy Color.
StependousA program to help automatically create stepfiles for any song for use in Stepmania
Sony DVP-CX777ES RS232 controllerWindows program to control your Sony DVP-CX777ES 400-disc DVD player via RS232 port.
Logitech Music Anywhere for Linux/UbuntuLinux/Ubuntu driver/controller for Logitech Music Anywhere device.
RPMPDRaspberry Pi Music Player Daemon. Cheap do-it-yourself Sonos-type music system.